Camoozle's choice
The Story of Us is a wonderfully crafted snippet of pure nostalgia. It evokes all those emotions that the Beatles are to me, realistic love, melancholy loss, and persistent hope. Fngrcuffs does a fabulous job of portraying the real and imperfect peaks and valleys of life and love with a delightful twist that brings tears to my eyes. Bravo, my dear!

Emerald_Rosalie's Choice
by Touchstone67 and Domward's Mistress
Firstly, I'm not much of a Slash reader, but this story just drew me in. I could actually feel everything what Edward was feeling. Guilt, love and sorrow built the story up to a beautiful crescendo, spilling over into Jaspers POV, and oh how I loved his POV. The heartache and and despair bled through and made me cry as Jasper prepared to watch the love of his life marry someone else. Just simply fantastic. Congrats to Touchstone67 & DomwardsMistress. So poetic, realistic and emotionally enticing. Your entry was my personal favorite. You blew me away.

LightStarDusting's Choice
Exploring Rosalie and Emmett’s canon relationship, Shoefreak37’s “To Dance with You” is my “Judge’s Pick.”

This one-shot delves further into Emmett and Rosalie’s early relationship than what we see in S. Meyer’s books. What I love about this piece, in particular, is the mutual search for acceptance and love between both characters.

The entire piece is so true to them and to their characters, giving them so much depth and realness. Emmett saves Rosalie as much as she saves him and Shoefreak37 captures this sentiment with grace and beautiful imagery, while incorporating the AYNIL contest guidelines.

Rosalie and Emmett’s love story speaks to me and it’s always one that I love seeing explored. Shoefreak37 does this skillfully in the one-shot, “To Dance with You.”
Miztrezboo's Choice
I'm a huge fan of the angst. HUGE. And this one shot just grabbed me by my far too long fringe and made me sit up and feel. Belladonna1472 has not only explored the 'what if the Volturi won?' concept from Breaking Dawn but has gone further into how would you.. as someone with what you thought was your forever.. go on after that person is taken from you?
She really did use the term, 'when you can live forever, what do you live for?' in a new and different light. The heartbreak that exists between Jake and Alice, being the only ones left behind and yet locked in this living limbo. Both not wanting to completely end their life but not exactly living it either. It brought me to tears and left me aching for more *wink wink*

Once again we'd like to thank EVERYONE that entered and a huge thank you to those that supported these authors with reviews, alerts and favorites.

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to the following and ALL our entrants!
We were completely blown away by the caliber of writing!
1st Place - EmilyDmamaof3  - I Want to Hold Your Hand

 2nd Place - TeacupsNmints with Hindsight

3rd Place - Touchstone67 and Domward's Mistress with In My Life.

 Stand by for Judges Choice Announcements in the next two weeks.

Thank you ALL for writing, reading, reviewing and voting and we hope you ALL support our writers and their future endeavors!

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Thirteen amazing entries to be read and your Top Three voted for!
Voting open from March 24 till Midnight April 7
Good Luck to all our Anonymous Entrants!

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Mark it in your calendar

11:59pm PST

Are you writing yet?

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Entries are slowly starting to trickle in, all will be located on the Contest Entry Page (link on the right sidebar)

Please make sure to read and review

and hell,

why not get inspired and write your own!

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Patterned Text Generator at
She's leaving home after living alone for so many years.”

"I know i'll often stop and think about them. In my life I love you more"

"He's a real Nowhere Man, Sitting in his Nowhere Land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody."

"Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I'm sixty-four?"

Everybody knows a Beatles song, a guitar opening riff or piano interlude that sets your mind back to a time or place or instantly has you singing along. Music effects us all, tugging on your heart strings, inciting you to rage, bringing you to tears... So why not use that inspiration for a one shot?

Contest Holders/Judges
Camoozle, Emerald-Rosalie, LightStarDusting and Miztrezboo 

- What YOU get: -

Winner will get a personalized banner for a fic of their choosing (one you are/have or are planning on writing) and your fics featured on the competition blog.
There will be Judges Favorites also. First/Second/Third place getters and Judges mentions will have competition banners made.
All one shots and Judges Favorites will feature on the competition blog and will receive a mention/feature on the LUSTorium blogsite (M rated only)

- Guidelines: -

We will not be accepting anything that has obvious grammatical errors. Head to Project Team Beta on Live Journal or seek one out in the Beta profiles available on FanFiction. Betas make you LOOK good, seriously. All of us have at least one or two for our own work so do it and you'l be all the happier for it.

Between 2k and 7k only. No more, no less and yes we will be checking with Word's word count. The MOST we will accept as over will be 100 words. That is all.

Anonymous MEANS Anonymous
If we find out (and we will because people tweet/talk/email) that your fic has been posted or you have accidentally leaked which entry is yours say.. even by Tweeting GO HERE READ THIS and VOTE.. yeah, we will pretty much figure you're promoting yourself (even if you get a friend to do it) we will pull your entry and that will be the end of it. We may sound mean but hey, this fandom is huge and we want to keep everyone on fair terms. If you want to promote yourself and have your friends do it too. PROMOTE THE CONTEST! Make it a game for your beloved followers to figure out just WHICH entry is yours! Be CREATIVE!

Entry Limit
Only THREE entries per author maximum, three colaborations (ie you as ONE part of a colab with other people) maximum.

Clearly Label Your Work
We WILL add a generic disclaimer to your work. We WILL take your name off for posting on the contest profile. Please make sure to use the following format:

Penname: lennonisalegend
Song Inspiration: Strawberry Fields
Title of One-Shot: And I Love Her
Pairing: Jasper & Alice
POV: Jasper
Rating: M/NC-17
Word Count: 5,789
Summary or Description: In the 1960's Jasper was all about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Will a chance meeting outside the gates of Woodstock change not only his world but his mind?
This one-shot is being posted in participation with the All You Need is Love contest hosted by Camoozle, Emerald_Rosalie, Lightstardusting & Miztrezboo.
Please see the contest profile for full details.

Stick to the Ratings
We all enjoy a little citrus in our fic, but a story line behind it is worth SO much more. In other words, we'd love some sort of plot not wham, bam and out the door you go.
The usual rules apply - rape/incest/underage scenes are unacceptable. Immediate disqualification will occur.

Write What You Want
Just because the title has the word love in it, doesn't necessarily mean we want the ultimate fluffy love story.  Read the lyrics, be inspired by the music and write what you FEEL!
Depending on the variety of entries we receive we will consider splitting the voting into ah/au and or slash and T/M rated fics.

- VIP Dates and VOTING -
Entries will need to be emailed to from the 21st of Feb and no later than 12am PST 21st of March 2010.
Public Voting will begin on the 24th of March and end at 12am PST 7th of April 2010Winners and place getters will be announced on the blog on the 10th of April and by email. All entries will then have pennames revealed and will be added to the profiles list of favorites.
Winners will be revealed on the blog on the 10th of April and all place getters will be published there. Judges choices will be revealed on the 30th of April and have their one shots posted on the blog also.

- Problems? -
If you have any questions or further ideas/complaints please feel free to email us.

All rules and deadlines are subject to change. We reserve the right to make these decisions as needed.

So head to iTunes or Youtube and see what song inspires you!

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